Families Change Teen Guide to Separation & Divorce

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Getting on With Your Life

Change is part of life. But it's not always easy to get used to!

Your parents' splitting-up will bring lots of changes in your life. Some will be easier to handle than others.

You might find that some changes actually make your life better:

  • If there was a lot of conflict between your parents before they split up, you might be glad that the tension and fighting is over.
  • You might get to spend more time with one or both of your parents than you did before. You might get to know them better and have better relationships with each of them.
  • Your parents might be happier now that they aren't together anymore. They might be more fun to be with.

Other changes might take longer to get used to, but will probably feel better with time.

Be patient with yourself. It takes time to get used to big changes in your life.

And give yourself a break. Take time for yourself: see your friends, do things you like, get lots of exercise, read a book, play an instrument. This doesn't mean you should run away from your problems or stop spending time at home. It just means taking an hour or so for yourself every day to have fun. Taking care of yourself this way will make it easier for you to cope with what's happening and get on with your life!

For more tips on taking care of yourself, see Feeling Better.