Families Change Teen Guide to Separation & Divorce

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Have your parents recently split-up? Are they getting a divorce? Did it happen a few years ago? Or are you worried that it's going to happen soon? If so, read this section to find out:

  • what legal separation and divorce mean,
  • some of the reasons why they happen, and
  • why you’re not the reason for your parents' spliting-up.

Q & R

I'm feeling guilty about my parents splitting up. Was there something I did to cause it?

It's very common for teens to believe that they have somehow caused their parents to split up. But you’re not the reason for your parents splitting up. Parents split up because of problems in their relationship.

It's not your fault!

Will I be able to spend time with both parents?

In most cases, children get to spend time with both parents. How much time you spend with each parent and exactly how that will work depends on your parents’ custody and visiting arrangements.

Remember: Parents divorce each other, not their children. Your parents are still your parents, and they still love you.